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In the chat settings (+) you can choose individuals for private chat and also you can set a language there, in which ones then automatically all incoming messages your chat partner will be translated.

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Language learning free and very easy. With our free language courses, videos and exercises you can language learning online with ease. Whether you would like to learn a language for a trip, practise and improve your knowledge of a language with language exchange partners or simply have fun language learning, Babelyou offers you courses, videos and exercises for the most important languages, such as: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and a further 45 languages to learning free. Language learning from Northern Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe and Eastern Europe are also available to you. You can even learn exotic languages, such as African language and Asian language, with Babelyou and receive help in language learning them from language exchange partners from over 200 countries. So have fun language learning for free.

To learn with songs also visit our Jolly Baby Club

Do you want to find a language exchange partner or eTandem for German English, French English, Spanish English, Russian English, Portuguese English or Italian English, are you right here. Even for a translation from English into German, English into French, English into Spanish, English into Italian, English into Portuguese, English into Russian and in another 45 languages​​, you can find language exchange partners here.