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Data Protection Declaration by Babelyou

We lay great value on the protection of the private sphere of our users. Because of this we have given special attention to the area of the protection of personal data. Naturally, Babelyou guarantees that all lawful data protection laws, rules and guidelines will be observed.

§ 1 Agreement for the Usage of Personal Data

Personal data are individual pieces of information which can be used to draw conclusions about the identity or factual behavior of a person. Such data includes: name, address, telephone number as well as the e-mail address of the user.

Further personal data will also be stored that does not directly relate to the identity or factual behavior of an individual person. This data includes: age, gender, domicile and interests among other items and as far as the user submits such data in the frame of the registration process or subsequent usage of Babelyou.

The user agrees to the usage of the data that they have provided in order that the contractual relationship may be realized and executed.

Further, the user accepts by registering an explicit and separate confirmation that Babelyou may use the email address supplied to send messages and that in such messages there may be, apart from the information from Babelyou, also advertisements from other Third Parties. The email address of the user has however not been given to any other Third Party in order to realize this. Babelyou finances itself almost exclusively by advertising revenues. In as much as it is not possible for a user to agree to this, then a contractual relationship cannot be established between Babelyou and the user.

§ 2 Data that is Visible for other Users

The user profile that has been submitted by the user to Babelyou is visible for other users and other Third Parties.
The user profile contains, because of the use of aliases as user names, only data that cannot be used to draw any conclusions about the real identity of the user.
The data that is visible in the user profile includes the following data that was submitted by the user during registration: State or county, postal code, city, date of birth and gender.
Further, other data is also visible that is not absolutely necessary in order to be able to use Babelyou but that may be submitted by freewill into its user profile by the user, within the frame of usage of Babelyou.
As far as the user submits such additional data into their user profile or supplies such data then it follows that the user agrees that such data will be visible for other users or Third Parties.

§ 3 Creation of User Profiles; Personalised Advertising

The data listed in § 1 of this data protection declaration is requested in order to be able to create a user profile.

User profiles are created using aliases for reasons related to advertising, market research as well as reasonable needs for purposes of design by Babelyou. These user profiles are not integrated together with data related to the owner of the alias.
You have the right to object to the creation of such a user profile.
It should be noted however, that without the creation of a user profile that the use of Babelyou is not possible.

Data through which it is not possible to make any conclusions about the person behind the user name is used for the preparation of personalized advertising.
Such data might include: age, gender, domicile (only the local authority – not the full address), postal code, state or county as well as certain group memberships within Babelyou as well as their content.

The user agrees, during their registration in an explicit separate confirmation, to the usage of the data referred to above for personalized advertising purposes as well as the usage of that data that has been additionally submitted into their user profile.

Personalised advertising refers to those advertisements that are created when Babelyou sites are used. These are selected based on data that is supplied by the user, though data used for such purposes cannot be used to identify the person.

Babelyou finances itself almost exclusively through advertising. In as much as it is not possible for a user to agree to this, then a contractual relationship cannot be established between Babelyou and the user.

§ 4 Passing on of Data to Third Parties

Babelyou will hold your personal and non-personal data in complete confidence and fundamentally will never give it to Third Parties.
Likewise Third Parties do not have any direct access to user data.

Excluded from this are the cases when the transmission of such data is required for billing purposes by our business partners or when it is used on other sides of Babelyou.

§ 5 Cookies

Our internet sites use so-called Cookies at many different places. These serve to make what we offer more user-friendly, effective and safe. Cookies are small text files that are archived on your computer and also saved by your Browser. Most of the Cookies used by us are so-called “Session Cookies”. These are deleted automatically at the end of your visit to our site. Cookies do not cause any damage to your computer and do not contain any viruses.
If you want to reject the use of Cookies you can do this by making a change in the setup of your Web Browser. To do this you must deactivate the appropriate function. This can however lead to only a restricted use of our web site.

§ 6 Rescinding Your Agreement; Deletion of Your Data

The agreement to store user data can be rescinded at any time by the user. The deletion of the data occurs as soon as the agreement to store data has been withdrawn.
Likewise the deletion occurs when the knowledge about your personal and non-personal data is no longer necessary in order to fulfill the purpose of the storage or when their storage is unapproved because of any other lawful reason.

§ 7 Right to Information

We will be pleased to inform you about data that is stored related to your person, when requested.

§ 8 Notes on Security

We take a lot of effort, by taking advantage of all technical and organizational possibilities, to store your data in such a manner to avoid them being accessed by Third Parties. However, in the case of communication by email it is not possible for us to guarantee full data security to the same extent as for example when using communication by post. Because of this we recommend that the post is used for confidential information.

§ 9 Changes to this Declaration

Babelyou reserves the right to alter this data protection declaration at any time within the frame of lawful requirements. In such a case the user will be informed explicitly by email.