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You can upload your language courses and offers quickly and easily.

In just a few steps your offers can reach language course-seekers worldwide.

1. Before you log onto Babelyou, choose your language.

2. Now log onto Babelyou

3. Click on the link and sign up as a company. By registering as a company your information will be private. If you would like to create a public profile and use all the features of Babelyou, you can change this later at any time in "My sphere/Privacy".

4. Once in "My sphere" you can now input your offers on a regional or worldwide scale. Click on "courses or products presented for learning languages," to go to the entry form.

5. Here you can choose what type of course you want to offer. If possible, fill out all fields in as much detail as possible, so that users can gain a better picture of the selected language course.

6. Click on the link to upload an initial photo and then again to add more pictures to your presentation.

7. Now you can upload your images. You may receive a prompt to accept a script. Please accept this. It helps to upload the photos straight from your hard disk.

8. Check out the preview of your presentation or save it for later for further editing.

9. Once you have created your presentation, please go to the "preview" mode and then "payment". After payment you will automatically receive your invoice via e-mail. Your entry will then be online for all to see.

10. From now on, your listings will appear with the appropriate language courses in video learning portal, in "My trips" and in the area "Find language courses and offers".

11. In "My sphere" under "My language-courses and offers" you will see your pending or already active entries.

12. In the area "My language-courses and offers" you can edit or update your presentations at any time. To do so just choose"select action/Edit" in your entries.

Would you like to have the link `Homepage´ on Babelyou to your own website for search engines as a do-follow link, please contact us.

Please also note our discount offers.

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